Elite Webcast Platform

The PiP (Picture in Picture) Webcast Platform has a similar look to our Elite platform. The big difference is the live video image and the slide window are composited on location and the webcast platform is a single live video image. The limitations are that the viewer can not select one or the other to make full screen. That said there is significant cost savings versus the Elite platform.

Other benefits to using this platform over the Elite Platform:
This method provides a composited video to post on your site.
Speakers presentations can be inserted on site as opposed to uploaded in advance.
You can choose to switch between full screen video and slides on site.
Easy integration to an existing event allowing shared use of on site AV production.

A custom registration page is available. Q&A features and live polls are available through a separate APP.

Contact us to speak to a webcast producer to discuss what will best work for you.
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Branded Page - Registration page and viewing page has a custom graphic approved by you that can contain your logo and theme to brand it specifically to your event

Live Video Window - The live video window on the viewer page is scalable to go full screen and bandwidth selectable so viewers with limited internet speed can select a lower resolution. Note we stream live from your event in HD at 720p

Synchronized Slides - Slide presentations are captured on site and a side by side image is created in the single streaming window. There is the option of switching between full screen video and slides. This can be decided at the time of the presentation.

Q&A Panel - Viewers can submit questions during the webcast. This is done through a separate APP. The link for this would be on your webcast page. Questions can be moderated through a private control console page.

Live Polls - The webcast viewing audience can participate in live polls. This is provided though a separate APP. In room audience can also participate using their devices through the on line APP. Results can be shown to the speaker through their comfort monitor.

Registration - You can ask viewers to register in advance. A custom page is created with fields of your choosing like name, email, company. Before watching the webcast viewers must log in with the same information as they used in registering.

Test Page - On the registration page is a test link viewers should use to ensure they will be able to fully participate in the webcast. Using this test page will identify any issues they may have such as firewall restrictions and browser compatibility.

Audience Report - At the end of the webcast we provide you with a number of viewers.

Archive - The webcast is archived for 120 days in its original form. If you require a longer archive options are available.

Video Recording - All live video is recorded in ProRes for future use.

Additional Options

Teleconference - The webcast can be simultaneously sent to a teleconference system

Live Captioning - Live captioning can be integrated for accessibility compliance.

Twitter Integration - Have a link to integrate Twitter feed

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